Mom begs her husband for more help with their kids in relatable Facebook post

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Being a parent is a tough job that can make anyone feel like they’re carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. And when dealing with your own child, it can also be difficult to ask for help. But even for Celeste Erlach, a mother of two embarking on a journey that she calls “The Ultimate Mom Challenge,” asking for help ended up being just what she needed to do for herself and her family. Now, moms around the world are finding her vulnerable and teachable moment super relatable. After feeling overburdened by her role as a mother, wife, caretaker of the home, and marketing professional, Erlach took to her love of writing and penned a letter now virally known as “Dear Husband.” In it, she perfectly articulates what she says is “the elephant in the room for so many” moms, opening her letter with the words, “I. Need. More. Help.”

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