A modest proposal to make the MLB All-Star game cooler

People always want to “fix” things these days. Or make them “great again.”

So I’ll preface all of this by saying I don’t think the MLB All-Star game is broken. I quite like the MLB All-Star game. It is the best All-Star game of the major sports. And while I understand some of your gripes about the Home Run Derby field, I’m mostly OK with that too.

What I’m proposing to you today isn’t an idea that will “fix” the All-Star game — it’s something to make it cooler. And it’s quite simple really. We need an All-Star draft.

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That’s the topic of this week’s installment of my Open Mike video series and I really think it’s a good idea. Besides tradition, I don’t really see a reason why MLB’s All-Star game has to be the American League vs. the National League. So why not appoint two captains and let them pick teams playground-style.

The AL All-Stars in 2017 — but would it be different if they were drafted? (AP)
The AL All-Stars in 2017 — but would it be different if they were drafted? (AP)

It would make for great TV, first off — and yes, this must be televised. That’s where the NBA messed up. I want to see which players the captains must have on their team, which players from other teams they draft and which players from the other league they respect. I want to see what happen when they don’t pick one of their everyday teammates. And I want to see something like Max Scherzer pitching to Bryce Harper.

You want to add some new spice to all the All-Star game? Here you go. Since it doesn’t determine home-field advantage in the World Series — that was a dumb rule anyway — there’s nothing to be lost in that respect.

Like the idea? Of course you do.

Now here’s how I think it really wins: The draft happens right before the Home Run Derby, which is the day before the All-Star game. People will most definitely tune in to see the MLB All-Star draft and then they can watch the Home Run Derby right after.

It’s a win for the fans, a win for MLB — and a win for the All-Star game.

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