Mock trade has Nets trading Ben Simmons, others for Pascal Siakam

While the Brooklyn Nets have their roster set for the most part, they were reportedly looking for a franchise-altering kind of trade when Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard was still available to any team by the Miami Heat. Now that Lillard reportedly only wants to play for the Heat, the Nets have turned their attention elsewhere this offseason.

What if Brooklyn were still looking for a trade that could accelerate the current rebuilding process so that they can give themselves a better chance of making the playoffs this upcoming season and possibly achieve more? There is a player who’s future is uncertain that could make a difference for Brooklyn’s winning prospects.

In this mock trade suggested by Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, the Nets would be trading for a player who would be the star-level player that the organization is looking for who could also take some of the scoring burden off of Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson.

The Mock Trade:

Brooklyn Nets receive: Pascal Siakam

Toronto Raptors receive: Ben Simmons, Cam Thomas, 2027 first-round pick (top-eight protected, via PHI) and 2029 first-round pick (via DAL)

Should the Nets do this trade?

While Siakam is no Lillard, he is still regarded around the NBA as a star-level player with some real impact on a team. There is belief around the league that Toronto could be looking to trade Siakam away so that they can center their rebuild around Scottie Barnes. Chris Haynes reported earlier this summer that Siakam wants to remain in Toronto, but it’s possible that a trade with Brooklyn could change Siakam’s mind and bring someone to the Nets who can be arguably the team’s best player.

On the other hand, trading away Simmons, fan-favorite Cam Thomas, and two first-round picks for Siakam may be too high of a price to pay, especially now that Simmons is the healthiest he’s been since his days as a Philadelphia 76er and because of the potential that Thomas has as an automatic bucket-getter. Thomas does not have much a role on this current Nets team, which is a shame because of his scoring ability, but is a sad reality.

Verdict: Yes, the Nets should do this trade

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire