Mock trade has Nets trading Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas for Damian Lillard

The Brooklyn Nets and Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard have been linked ever since Game 3 of Brooklyn’s first-round series against the Philadelphia 76ers when Lillard showed up to Barclays Center to watch the game. Couple that with the fact that Lillard has had a lot of good things to say about Mikal Bridges and you have yourself a hype train that is about to run off the tracks.

The Nets were unable to win a single game against the 76ers despite the fact that they had good chances to win in Game 3 with Joel Embiid clearly hobbled and James Harden thrown out and in Game 4 when Embiid did not play due to a knee injury. That sweep showed that Brooklyn has some improvements to make if they want to make noise in the playoffs in the near future.

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According to some of these mock trades, including this particular one from Bleacher Report, that’s where Lillard comes in. However, if Brooklyn decides to do what it can to heighten its winning prospects, it will be interesting to see how much they could keep in a trade for Lillard and still remain competitive. Here’s another version of Brooklyn trading for Lillard:

The mock trade

Brooklyn Nets receive: Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers receive: Ben Simmons, Cam Thomas, and first-round draft picks in 2025, 2027, and 2029 from the Phoenix Suns

Should the Nets do this trade?

Brooklyn’s best chance at getting a star/superstar level player to elevate their standing within the Eastern Conference is going after Damian Lillard. While it is not confirmed that Portland is willing to part with Lillard, his comments that he made about not wanting to be part of a rebuild could prove telling as the offseason goes on.


If the Nets decide to try their best to stay in the playoff picture then trading those draft picks may be what it takes to get it done, especially for a superstar like Lillard. While they would have to part with talented scorer Cam Thomas, Brooklyn would be able to unload Ben Simmons’ albatross of a contract and that would be the second-best part of this trade.

Verdict: Yes, the Nets should do this trade.

What B/R thinks of the trade

“And after seeing the heights Mikal Bridges can reach in a more prominent role, the Brooklyn Nets might be thinking about fast-tracking their rebuild this summer.

Redirecting some of the draft capital they got in exchange for Durant in a deal for Lillard would instantly bump them up a tier in the East. And they might have the ideal, wing-heavy roster needed to cover for Lillard’s defensive deficiencies.”

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire