Mock draft roundup: What will Pacers do with their many second-round NBA draft picks?

The Indiana Pacers don't have a glaring need in the 2024 NBA draft. The Eastern Conference finalists have the NBA's most-used and highest-scoring bench to help the starters run their high-tempo offense.

Having that many dependable players is especially helpful, considering they don't own a first-round pick in the two-round (and, this year, two-day!) event. That pick was traded to the Toronto Raptors for Pascal Siakam. He is up for free agency, but the Pacers can offer him the most years and money.

The draft is often filled with trades, so the Pacers may not end up with these picks, but here are the current projections.

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What picks do Pacers have in 2024 NBA draft?

The Pacers currently own the Nos. 36, 49 and 50 picks, all in the second round. All of those picks have come through trades.

Who will Pacers pick in 2024 NBA draft?

Kevin O'Connor, The Ringer

36) Cam Christie, Minnesota, Fr.: The Pacers have lots of wings already, but adding another one with Christie’s two-way potential wouldn’t hurt.

49) Tristen Newton, Connecticut, Sr.: This is the second of the Pacers’ three second-round picks, so it’d be wise of them to look to consolidate. But Newton would fit the same profile as an Andrew Nembhard–style pick, giving Indiana another ball handler.

50) Keshad Johnson, Arizona, Sr.: Johnson’s size and profile would fit the same mold as Jarace Walker, Indiana’s lottery choice last year.

Krysten Peek, Yahoo

36) Cam Christie, Minnesota, Fr.

49) Ulrich Chomche, Cameroon

50) Trentyn Flowers, Australia

Walter Football

36) Baylor Scheierman, Creighton, Sr.: The Pacers need to make sure that they’re a functional team if/when Tyrese Haliburton gets hurt again.

49) A.J. Johnson, Australia: The Pacers have tons of picks, so one of them will undoubtedly be used on a foreign developmental project.

50) Harrison Ingram, North Carolina, Jr.: The Pacers’ other consecutive second-round pick could be used on a forward to help in terms of depth.

Former North Carolina Tar Heels forward Harrison Ingram laughs Tuesday, June 4, 2024, alongside former North Carolina State guard DJ Horne at the Ascension St. Vincent Center in Indianapolis after an NBA pre-draft workout for the Indiana Pacers.
Former North Carolina Tar Heels forward Harrison Ingram laughs Tuesday, June 4, 2024, alongside former North Carolina State guard DJ Horne at the Ascension St. Vincent Center in Indianapolis after an NBA pre-draft workout for the Indiana Pacers.

Jonathan Wasserman, Bleacher Report

36) Ryan Dunn, Virginia, So.: Ryan Dunn didn't crush athletic testing like his highlights suggested he might. Still, the eye test overrules the numbers and times. His defensive court coverage and play-disrupting around the basket led to some wild steal and block rates.

He's just going to need the right roster to help mask his ball-handling and shooting limitations. Dunn will earn his minutes by finishing, guarding different positions and playmaking on defense.

49) Jaxson Robinson, BYU, Sr.: Teams are still wondering about Jaxson Robinson's status for the draft with former coach Mark Pope now coaching Kentucky. While his scoring and shooting results were mixed at the combine, he was still able to showcase his picturesque stroke.

Measuring under 6'5" in socks was disappointing, however, particularly given his athletic limitations. He'll be a second-round name if he stays in the draft for teams willing to bet on a shotmaking specialist.

50) Ajay Mitchell, UC Santa Barbara, Jr.: The most impressive plays at the combine from Ajay Mitchell highlighted his playmaking, which was good to see considering he's more known for scoring. Scouts still have too many questions about his shooting and quickness/burst to give a first-round grade. But he should be on plenty of second-round boards from teams that could use another ball-handler and extra creation.

When is 2024 NBA Draft? What channel is NBA Draft on?

First round: June 26 (Wednesday), 8 p.m. ET, ABC/ESPN

Second round: June 27 (Thursday), 4 p.m. ET, ESPN

2024 NBA Draft order

First round

  1. Hawks

  2. Wizards

  3. Rockets (via Nets)

  4. Spurs

  5. Pistons

  6. Hornets

  7. Trail Blazers

  8. Spurs (via Raptors)

  9. Grizzlies

  10. Jazz

  11. Bulls

  12. Thunder

  13. Kings

  14. Trail Blazers (via Warriors)

  15. Heat

  16. 76ers

  17. Lakers

  18. Magic

  19. Raptors (via Pacers)

  20. Cavaliers

  21. Pelicans (via Bucks)

  22. Suns

  23. Bucks (via Pelicans)

  24. Knicks (via Mavericks)

  25. Knicks

  26. Wizards (via Clippers)

  27. Timberwolves

  28. Nuggets

  29. Jazz (via Thunder)

  30. Celtics

Second round

  1. (No. 31 overall) Raptors (via Pistons)

  2. (32) Jazz (via Wizards)

  3. (33) Bucks (via Trail Blazers)

  4. (34) Trail Blazers (via Hornets)

  5. (35) Spurs

  6. (36) Pacers (via Raptors)

  7. (37) Timberwolves (via Grizzlies)

  8. (38) Knicks (via Jazz)

  9. (39) Grizzlies (via Nets)

  10. (40) Trail Blazers (via Hawks)

  11. (41) 76ers (via Bulls)

  12. (42) Hornets (via Rockets)

  13. (43) Heat

  14. (44) Rockets (via Warriors)

  15. (45) Kings

  16. (46) Clippers (via Pacers)

  17. (47) Magic

  18. (48) Spurs (via Lakers)

  19. (49) Pacers (via Cavaliers)

  20. (50) Pacers (via Pelicans)

  21. (52) Wizards (via Suns)

  22. (52) Warriors (via Bucks)

  23. (53) Pistons (via Knicks)

  24. (54) Celtics (via Mavericks)

  25. (55) Lakers (via Clippers)

  26. (56) Nuggets (via Timberwolves)

  27. (57) Grizzlies (via Thunder)

  28. (58) Mavericks (via Celtics)

76ers and Suns forfeited second-round picks for breaking league tampering rules.

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