Mobile ticketing isn’t as seamless as it seems

Mike Florio

It’s the revenge of Dunder Mifflin.

Plenty of teams have ditched paper tickets for digital admission. On Friday night in Charlotte, there were glitches.

Teo Armus of the Charlotte Observer has the story. “Many” fans, per Armus, were frustrated by the new process, which resulted in “[l]ong lines of Panthers fans, phones in hand, clustered around customer service or small tents that had specifically been designated to assist ticket-holders with the mobile process.”

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“It’s just a pain in the butt,” season-ticket holder Ross Levin said. “It feels like they’ve taken something away from me.”

Levin claimed that it took him and the rest of his four-person party 45 minutes to get inside the stadium.

The NFL has been pushing mobile ticketing in order to eradicate ticket fraud. It also tends to ensure that any reselling happens through NFL-approved portals, through which the NFL receives a piece of the action.

Regardless, the days of paper tickets, paper money, paper mache, and anything else made of paper are coming to an end. For better or worse.

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