The MMQB’s Albert Breer says the Dolphins can get stronger

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  • Miami Dolphins
    Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins seem to have found their identity in their string of recent wins. They’re a team that brings the effort every play to create pressure and turnovers.

Sometimes they drop back and get to the quarterback with four, and sometimes they rush seven. Either way, they are going to try and get there.

Offensively, they make quick, accurate passes within 10 yards of the line. It doesn’t bring a ton of explosive plays, but it limits the chances of giveaways.

Their playstyle is what the MMQB’s Albert Breer was talking about Monday on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd.

“I think Miami’s got a chance to get stronger because they play this sort of way,” Breer said. “Are they flashy? No. Is Tua the long-term answer? Maybe. Maybe not. Are they gonna beat you with all kinds of speed on the outside? It doesn’t look like it. But, can they play in a phonebooth? Miami can play in a phonebooth.”

Phonebooth football isn’t something that’s frequent these days. On defense, it’s strong play with bigger guys. In today’s game, linebackers look like defensive backs and defensive linemen look like linebackers. And, on offense, it’s those quick, high-percentage looks that are usually complemented by a good run game.

Miami is old school in that sense. That’s something that Brian Flores has probably taken from his time in New England.

“I think both Miami and San Francisco are examples of teams that are sort of, again, just like what we talked about with New England, zigging when the NFL is zagging, and reminding everybody again that this still is a blocking and tackling game,” Breer said.

Because they are bigger than a lot of teams, they can push offensive lines around and tackle well. It’s not a guaranteed way to win. Those don’t exist in the NFL. However, it does mean you’ll have some matchups you can dominate.