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Tito loves Dana: MMA’s favorite marriage continues, what’s next for Ortiz?

There's nothing better than the special bond between boss and employee. Dana White and Tito Ortiz are proof of that. The UFC president was looking forward to a clean separation, but Tito spoiled the party with his upset of Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

Going back to the postfight press conference at UFC 84, it's simply amazing that the Tito-Dana marriage is going to continue. Remember, that was night Ortiz was nearly denied access to the room. Las Vegas Metro Police were standing by in case some insane unfolded. Tito, girlfriend Jenna Jameson, broke into the room before White arrived. What ensued was a legendary sniping session between boss and employee. Tito probably didn't help his cause by wearing a "mean" t-shirt to the weigh-in.

Ortiz lost two more fights after the Machida defeat, but won with his back against the wall. Judging by the reaction from the fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, Ortiz certainly has to be re-signed, but you have to wonder if there's any shot at a smooth negotiation. Boss and employee buried that hatchet at the UFC 132 postfight press conference.

Tito "begged" for a final fight and was getting paid $450,000 win or lose at UFC 132. Let's hope money isn't a stumbling block. We can't wait to see Ortiz back in the Octagon and more importantly, the next chapter of Tito-Dana emerge before the end of 2011.

Tito won't ever really be in the hunt for the light heavyweight title, so now it's time to make fights that the fans want to see. What do you like?

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