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Tim Kennedy talks moustaches, veterans and his next fightTim Kennedy is waiting for word on his next fight, but in the meantime, the Strikeforce middleweight is spending his time training and growing a mustache. He spoke with Cagewriter about the Stache Bash, Veteran's Day and the future of his MMA career.

Kennedy, an Army veteran, teamed up with Marine and UFC fighter Brian Stann and Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano to figure out a way to raise money for veterans. They knew about Movember, an initiative to use mustaches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, and wanted to tweak the concept.

"We like soldiers more than we like balls and butts. Soldiers can have mustaches and get involved, and it was a good excuse to grow a mustache," Kennedy said.

Over the course of November, Kennedy and Stann will compete with other teams of fighters and MMA industry people to both have the best mustaches and raise the most money for Soldiers' Angels and Hire Heroes. Both groups support veterans.

Kennedy and Stann lead Team America. They think you should give your money towards their team.

"We're the most scary guys out there. We can not only kill you with our hands, but we can shoot you from really far away, and not too far away, and kind of far away. I think the biggest thing is that we have the most emotional investment in this. We want to see this succeed because we know the actual troops that are needing the support. For us, it's about wanting to see the guys we love and care about get what they deserve."

As a sniper with the Army's Special Forces, Kennedy served in Iraq. He knows more than most people about the kind of sacrifice veterans make, and he wants to honor them.

"We've been at war for 10 years. People talk about the greatest generation. My grandfather served in World War II. He was one of the most remarkable men in my life, but we have a new generation of superstars. Guys that have been away from their family for years and I want them to get the recognition that they deserve. They have sacrificed everything. They've done it for a really long time. They deserve everything that they're not getting."

With Veterans Day tomorrow, Kennedy would like to see all Americans find a way to say thank you to the men and women who serve.

"You see a guy in uniform, you're going to buy him lunch. You see a guy in uniform at the airport that's coming back from overseas, you walk up and give him a hug. There's almost the apathetic, complacent view of the military like they're just doing their job. .45 percent of the population volunteer to do this, and 99.55 percent reap the rewards from those few. It's only fair that the only 99.55 percent tip their cap and show appreciation for this group."

Though Kennedy is spending time raising money for veterans, he also is concentrating on training. He has not fought since July, and like many Strikeforce fighters, is waiting to see what's next.

"I'm training as if I have a fight coming up, but I don't have a fight coming up. I have no clue on when a fight will come up. I'm preparing for one, hopefully they'll give me word soon, but there's no telling."

He is not picky on which promotion hosts his next bout.

"I just want to fight good guys. I don't care what promotion it's under as long as it's the best guys. I'm only going to be fighting for a little bit longer, and so I want to fight the best guys before I'm done."

Make a donation to "Team America" Stache Bash team. Learn more about Hire Heroes and Soldiers Angels.

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