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There's nothing Brock Lesnar loves more than being the alpha male in the cage and pounding on someone, except maybe for his hunting. A strong looking Lesnar popped up on YouTube today to announce that he's ready to return to active fighting.

He did it on the range in South Dakota while shooting a promo for Fusion Ammo and Jack Links beef jerky.

"I feel great, healthy, strong. I feel like I used to feel," Lesnar said. "[...] I believe there's still a bright future in the UFC for me. My health is 100 percent. I feel great. My motivation is there. I want to get on the map again. I want to become the UFC heavyweight champ again."

Lesnar was showing off some big weapons while blowing away some prairie dogs.

"There was definitely some disintegration going on. That's for sure," chuckled Lesnar.

Lesnar last fought in Oct. of 2010. His diverticulitis flared up again in May and he announced that he'd be sidelined indefinitely because surgery was the only option. Lesnar underwent surgery on May 29 and 12 inches of his colon was removed.

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