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Stationed in Las Vegas and New York, Yahoo! Sports and ESPNRadio1100 did another MMA postfight show live after UFC 99. Cofield was joined by Adam Hill from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Ariel Helwani from

Fighters calling in from Cologne, Germany include main event winner Rich Franklin and Dan Hardy.

LISTEN TO PART 1 - Breaking down the Franklin win over Silva and what's next:

PART 2 - Arguing over Cain Velasquez and his future:

PART 3 - Cro Cop wins then leaves the UFC:

PART 4 - Rich Franklin calls in from Germany:

PART 5 - Dan Hardy calls in from Germany:

PART 6 - The fellas look ahead at the next few weeks of MMA:

The fellas hit on a bunch of topics during the two hour show. Did Franklin deserve the decision? There's already some intense debate on the web about whether "Ace" deserved the unanimous decision. Who's next for Franklin? And can Silva really make it down to 185 pounds. He appeared to gas a bit in this attempt at 195.

Hardy couldn't get any postfight love from Marcus Davis. Is Davis a sore loser or did Hardy make his own bed with all the trash talk? Did Davis get jobbed in the fight and deserve the win?

Cro Cop was a winner but it came under cloudy circumstances after he poked Mostapha Al-Turk in the right eye. Is the victory hollow and does the Croatian legend really look like a player in the UFC's heavyweight division?

UPDATE: Cro Cop bolted the UFC. Dana White is peeved.

Was the most impressive fighters of the night Cain Velasquez? He crushed Cheick Kongo but UFC color voice Joe Rogan he came out of the fight with lots of question about the 26-year-old prospect.

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