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Dana White told a Miami radio station that he's calmed down over the years. Now that the UFC is making money, he's a lot less angry. Tell that to Fedor Emelianenko and his management team.

White is turning up the heat on the guy some consider the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. While appearing on Dan LeBatard's show on 790 the Ticket in South Florida, he played a game of "douche or no douche." Not surprisingly Fedor's boys came out on the wrong end (6:37 mark).

LeBatard: Guy with two cell phones?

White: "I got two. Probably a douche, I don’t know."

Bragging about fantasy trades?

"Total douche."

Guy with rhinestones?

"Super, double, triple, over-the-top douche."

Champions that threaten to drink Coors Light instead of Bud Light? 

"Nooooo! No answer. No answer to that one."



Fedor’s management?


Tito Ortiz?

"No Douche."

Jay Glazer?

"No Douche."

Jay Glazer? 

"No Douche"

That's not a typo, LeBatard didn't get the answer on Glazer that he wanted so he asked again.

White explained why he's at his wit's end with the Fedor situation. 

"On my kid's lives, I have flown to goofy parts of the world to get this thing done," said White. "And spent hours on the phone trying to get this thing done."

LeBatard asked specifically what was offered. White danced around the question without giving a number then he unloaded on Fedor's management with M-1.

"They're lunatics. They don't want to fight the best guys in the world. It's the only answer I can begin to come up with in my head on why we can't sign this guy," said White.

White's anti-Fedor arguments have sometimes fallen flat in the past. His new reasoning makes a little sense when he talks about the evolution of the MMA athlete between 2005 and today.

"The guy's a little bit older. The level of athlete keeps getting better and better."

Look to Chuck Liddell as a prime example. His stalking, one-dimensional style worked in the past. It doesn't anymore. White says maybe Fedor is doing the right thing by avoiding top competition.

"This guy can go over there and fight in (Strikeforce), I guarantee they're paying more money than anyone they have under contract and he can fight bums," said White.

Fedor is facing former UFC and PRIDE fighter Fabricio Wedrum this weekend in San Jose.

"Why would he not want to do that. He can make big money fighting nobodies,"  said White.

In a way, it almost sounds like White let up on Fedor at the end of the comment. He went right back on the offense when asked if there was hope of a co-promotion with Strikeforce.

"It will never happen in a million years," said White. "They are a minor league. Listen I have come to the realization and everyone else needs to too that Fedor doesn’t want to fight the best guys in the world. They don’t want to do it so we gotta get over it."

This was another slam-dunk interview by LeBatard, who's no doubt amongst the top-5 sportsradio hosts in the country. The Miami Herald columnist pushed hard in certain areas when he needed to but had a great feel for asking quick questions and not droning on. 

Listen here to the entire 19-plus minutes with White. 

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