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Ever since he became a mixed martial arts promoter some 13 months ago, Gary Shaw of Elite XC has been exchanging harsh words with UFC president Dana White.

Shaw suggested in an Internet column written by Steve Cofield that the UFC's dominance of the industry is about to end.

"It was easy for UFC before there was competition," Shaw told Cofield, a Las Vegas sports radio host. "There was no other choice in the past. Once you have choices, there's a problem. You can't stuff a pay-per view down the throat of the fan every month if there are other choices out there. I don't know what their real pay-per-view numbers are, but I guarantee you they're not doing the 700,000-800,000 pay-per-view numbers now. And you don't hear them bragging about it."

Shaw also said the UFC has to pay its fighters more because Elite XC was competing for them. He specifically mentioned Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua and Dan Henderson.

But White fired back at Shaw Friday in a conversation with Yahoo! Sports, portraying Shaw as a money grubber who only began promoting MMA when he was failing at boxing.

White said the UFC did better in 2007 than it did in 2006, contrary to Shaw's assertions, and said Elite XC is no threat to the UFC.

"Gary Shaw is (an expletive) loser," White said. "We beat our pay-per-view numbers from last year. Do you hear that? We beat our pay-per-view numbers from last year. We just don't brag about it because we don't talk about our business in the public.

"And if we were getting competition, it's not coming from Elite XC and both of the people who are watching their shows. This guy is a low-level bottom feeder. He didn't like MMA a few years ago, but when he finally couldn't make money at boxing any more, he came over to this sport to try to leech money out of it."

Share your thoughts on the pros and cons of Elite XC and the UFC and let us know if you side with Shaw or if you think White is right. Also, tell us if you think Elite XC will close the gap on the UFC in 2008 or, if you think any promoter will be able to do so.

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