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What you need to know from this week on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Can you believe that it's already episode eight of "The Ultimate Fighter?" Well, it is. And it has pranks, a mariachi band, an unfortunate haircut, a fight, pranks, and an adorable dog with its own Twitter account. Read on for a recap and spoilers.

The house has finally broken into three cliques, and of course two of the cliques don't like each other. TUF = High school cafeteria, complete with pranks. Akira Corassani shaved a patch of Bryan Caraway's hair in the middle of the night. While Corassani laughed at it, Caraway called him a bully.

Speaking of bullies, Michael Bisping and Tiki Ghosn popped by the Team Miller practice, just to set them up to all being in their locker room while they sprayed fire extinguishers on then, and a mariachi band came in to play. This all made Bisping laugh hysterically. I don't get it. Bisping claimed that the gas was non-toxic, but the gym was destroyed and his fighters couldn't train. I pity the cleaning crew who had to deal with that mess.

At Team Bisping's training session, Bisping readies Corassani for the ground game by running him through several different partners, then a tough mitts session. As they're leaving the training center, Corassani stalls Bisping so that Marcus Brimage can jump on Bisping's back and shove his jock strap in Bisping's face. Ugh. Bisping retaliates by coming to the house and spraying the fighters with shaving cream? Or maybe silly string? Whipped cream? One of those.

Denis Bermudez (Team Miller) vs. Akira Corassani (Team Bisping)

Round 1: As expected, Corassani comes out swinging and wobbles Bermudez a few times, while Bermudez defaults to poor takedown attempts. Corassani gets the better of striking, but also swings wildly at air. Bermudez goes for another takedown, slams him down, and grabs a guillotine. Corassani tries to fight it off, but finally taps.

After the fight, Corassani doesn't know what happened. He reacts emotionally, then collapses into Bisping's arms. He is very disappointed and angry with the result.

Next week: Coaches Challenge! Air hockey!

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