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Brock Lesnar is a monster but he met his match in terms of power, and especially speed and stamina. In the opening seconds of the fight, the gigantic MMA force tried to impose his will on the smaller Cain Velasquez. Velasquez didn't back down. In fact, he rose almost instantly after an early takedown and from there you knew Lesnar was in for a battle. The 6-foot-4, 270-pounder tired quickly, Velasquez didn't let up and laid a beating on Lesnar. By the fourth minute of the fight, Lesnar couldn't take anymore. With blood all over his face, Lesnar turned to his side to shy away from the onslaught. Velasquez rips the UFC heavyweight title away from Lesnar with a TKO stoppage at 4:12 of the first round.

"I didn't (expect that)," Velasquez told UFC analyst Joe Rogan. "I trained for a five round fight. You can't expect an early stoppage or a first round fight. You gotta train for the whole fight."

Lesnar (5-2, 3-2 UFC) handled the defeat with class.

"I expected nothing less (from him). He's a great fighter," said Lesnar. "I knew I had a great challenge in front of me. What can I say? He was better than me tonight."

Update: Velasquez's finish earned him the knockout of the night bonus of $70,000.

The 28-year-old Velasquez (9-0, 7-0 UFC) overcame what was likely a 25-pound weight disadvantage, four inches in reach and three inches in height. The way the fight unfolded you'd never know that he was the smaller guy.

Lesnar charged across the Octagon throwing punches and even a wild flying knee. He got a hold of Velasquez and the fight hit the floor just 30 seconds in. But just like Lesnar, the Mexican-American was a high level Div. 1 collegiate wrestling star. It only took him just a few seconds to rise to his feet.

The next test of power and leverage came along the cage in a clinch situation. Velasquez stayed calm and had zero issues. When the fighters separated, Velasquez let his hands go. He nailed Lesnar with a left hook and then grabbed a single leg to go for a takedown of his own. Lesnar went down on one knee and seconds later was down on both knees. Velasquez had hip control and started pounding away with some big shots. Eventually Lesnar settled to his back but that was even worse. He was pinned on the cage and took a vicious beating.

Lesnar was in the identical position at UFC 116. That's where he weathered the storm against Shane Carwin, who eventually gassed himself out. Velasquez wasn't going to do that. He picked his shots and opened up a huge slice under Lesnar's right eye. Referee Herb Dean had to save the champ.  

Before we go labeling Velasquez unbeatable like people did with Lesnar, remember there's more talent on the way.

The UFC's heavyweight division has never been better. Next up for Velasquez is an excellent striker in Junior Dos Santos. And then Carwin and Lesnar can fight their way back into the mix. The quick finish tonight may allow the UFC to stack one of its January, February or March cards in 2011 with the Cain-JDS heavyweight title showdown.

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