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Though UFC president Dana White had held open the possibility of another fight in Montreal before the end of the year, he dashed Canadian fans' dreams on Thursday when he said UFC 91 will be on Nov. 15 in Portland, Ore.

White confirmed that lightweights Kenny Florian and Joe "Daddy" Stevenson will meet on that card.

He would not comment on other fights on the card, though he did say the anticipated welterweight title fight between champion Georges St. Pierre and lightweight champion B.J. Penn would be moved to Super Bowl weekend on Jan. 31, 2009, in Las Vegas.

"We have nothing but big fights left for the rest of the year, but this is so crazy because there are so many of them," White said. "We're going to have a retreat on Monday to figure this all out."

Light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva, one of the UFC's most popular fighters, said on Aug. 8 at a UFC Fight Club gathering that he would be fighting at UFC 92 on Dec. 27 in Las Vegas. White, though, said "He might not be on that card, though. But I really don't know for sure now. But I'm thinking he's not going to be on that at this point."

The UFC's schedule for the rest of the year includes UFC 88 in Atlanta on Sept. 6, Ultimate Fight Night on Sept. 17 in Omaha, Neb., UFC 89 on Oct. 18 in Birmingham, England, UFC 90 on Oct. 25 in Chicago, UFC 91 on Nov. 15 in Portland, Ore., The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Dec. 13 in Las Vegas and UFC 92 on Dec. 27 in Las Vegas.

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