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Dana White has turned over a new leaf. Those anger management courses have come in handy. His mortal enemies Tito Ortiz and Affliction are back in the fold. No one will ever get him worked up again. Well, there's still someone.

Goos fraba ... Goos-fraba

White must've been muttering that calming phrase from "Anger Management" then Mike Chiappetta from AOL Fanhouse stepped up the plate and lit the UFC president's fire. White went 55 minutes without flipping out, a 56th minute was impossible:

"Do you really give a [expletive] about it him? This guy won't even step up and give you what you want to see. And he got offered [expletive] assload of money. Everything that he wanted, he could go fight in Sambo every [expletive] Thursday night if he wants to. We showed them nothing but respect. I put my money where my mouth is and they're coming up with unrealistic [expletive]."

White said the door is still open but he's tired of talking about Fedor:

"I do want to talk about the guys who do want to fight the best in the world. A guy who doesn't want to ... [expletive] him! If he wants to call and make a deal, I'm in. I'm ready."

White claimed on the conference call the M-1, Fedor's management team, wants a 50-50 split on pay-per-view revenue. That's the sticking point.

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