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You think it takes a big staff to manage all these events the UFC is putting on around the world? Imagine the legal team is takes to manage everything that happens away from the Octagon. The promotion is going after internet pay-per-view pirates, waging contractual battles against former fighters, fending off attacks from bloggers and even the Fertittas are battling fellow millionares in Las Vegas.

The UFC just won some cash from its case against former star Ken Shamrock.

Earlier in the year, Shamrock had unsuccessfully brought suit against Zuffa challenging various provisions of his UFC contract during a two day trial before Judge Johnson. As a result of today’s decision, Shamrock was ordered to pay Zuffa nearly $175,000 in related attorney fees, costs and expenses.

Zuffa was once again represented by Las Vegas lawyers Donald J. Campbell and J. Colby Williams whose legal efforts during the trial were characterized by Judge Johnson as “stellar.” When asked to comment on today’s ruling by Judge Johnson, Messrs. Campbell & Williams remarked as follows:

“This latest legal victory on behalf of Zuffa demonstrates, once again, that the UFC is fully committed to vigorously enforcing all of its contractual rights. Judge Johnson has determined Mr. Shamrock’s hard lesson learned in this case will cost him approximately $175,000.”

The promotion is also embroiled in a battle between the Fertittas and Greenspuns in Las Vegas. Two of the most powerful families in Sin city are joint owners of Green Valley Ranch Casino. The Greenspuns' gaming group, GCR claims that the Fertittas' Stations used UFC tickets to lure big players from partially owned GVR to the fully owned Red Rock Casino.

Station Casinos said in a statement Thursday evening that "we are extremely disappointed the Greenspuns have joined the fray of out-of-the-money constituents seeking to bring meritless lawsuits in connection with our bankruptcy proceedings."

Station Casinos said the "threatened lawsuit is nothing more than a desperate attempt and improper attempt by the Greenspuns to gain leverage against Station in our ongoing restructuring discussions with Green Valley Ranch's creditors. We intend to vigorously contest the Greenspuns' baseless claims."

Also involved in this legal stew is Greenspun's Las Vegas Sun. The Sun provides MMA coverage second to none nationally when it comes to newspapers, but one can only assume Stations and the UFC won't be dropping a boat load of advertising money The Sun's way until this lawsuit is settled. 

While the outcome of that battle is in doubt. Dana White's scored a quick knockout against Nik Richie posted a story alleging he had a source at the Bellagio in Las Vegas who claimed that White was over $1 million in the hole because of gambling losses he owed the casino. Apparently, a cease and desist was sent and the posting quickly disappeared. 

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