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UFC president Dana White has produced some classic rants and explosions over the years but his take on EliteXC and the alleged fight fixing in the Kimbo Slice-Seth Petruzelli debacle might be his most passionate ever.

"They don't care about mixed martial arts. These (expletive) jerkoffs are in it for the money. These guys want to come in, take a piece of the pie and in it they don't give a (expletive) if they destroy the whole sport. Me and my crew have been busting our ass for 10 years and you've got these boxing scumbags coming in and trying to fix fights. It's unbelievable."

White 100% supports an investigation by the Florida commission and wants the FBI involved too. Warning with six f-bombs this video is NSFW.

White draws a good parallel in saying it's like the NFL telling a team to run their offense a certain way to give the other 'chosen' team a better shot at moving forward in the playoffs. He says the promoters with EliteXC don't get it:

"Gary Shaw if you think going to the ground is boring and Jeremy Lappen and rapper, whatever the (expletive) your name is, Shaw Jr.... That's called mixed martial arts. You (expletive) morons need to be in the kickboxing business."

If this rant is blown up by the mainstream media, it could be the beginning of the end for EliteXC on CBS. If the company survives and the rumors are true that CBS/Showtime is buying into Pro Elite more heavily, how can Jeremy Lappen and Jared Shaw be kept around?

It's been a terrible week for Lappen, EliteXC's Director of Operations. His latest explanation of what happened before the fight is ridiculous:

"We gave Seth a knockout bonus before the fight started. That was part of the deal.” has done a great job of tracking the story. And points out Lappen's contradictory words on Wednesday and Thursday. Who pays a bonus before the fight? The spin on this gets worse by the day.

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