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The UFC Fight Club members got a treat in Cologne before UFC 99. Dana White was the Q & A speaker and pulled no punches. Two fighters who he's been on the outs with,  Frank Trigg and Josh Barnett, were brought up. White was asked about his middleweight signing that would blow people's minds. A fan asked if it was Trigg (VIDEO - 42:30 mark):

"That wouldn't blow anyone's mind" laughed White about one of the promotion's newest imports.

White did say he was meeting with the aforementioned mind blowing middleweight this week. Seems like a lot of hype for someone who probably won't blow anyone's mind.

He did surprise many by saying Josh Barnett, who has been long thought to be on permanent exile from the UFC, would be welcomed back if he knocks off Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 3 on August 1.

"If Josh Barnett beats Fedor, obviously I'd be interested in signing Josh Barnett," White said. "If he beat Fedor, obviously, he's one of the best in the world."

As far as other fighters outside the UFC, White said he's got an open door for Nick Diaz (9:15 mark). He also said Bobby Lashley could be a candidate but he needs to keep winning fights on the lower levels. 

With White, you know it's not all going to be positive. He once again smashed Affliction VP Tom Atencio (6:30 mark):

"Nobody gives a [expletive] about Tom Atencio. He has to say something to get attention. Not only is he not a fighter, he's not a promoter. He's a loser. I could give a [expletive] about Tom Atencio." White then said Atencio is a phony. He then gave the back story about the well-circulated choke photo (above) featuring he and Atencio looking jovial. "He's a big kiss [expletive] when you're at the club and then he goes out in front of the media and starts talking [expletive]. He's a waste of time."

Atencio is fighting an MMA match on June 27 against Randy Hedderick and called out White, saying he acts like a fighter but he'd never have the guts to step into the cage.

"Listen, I was willing to fight Tito [Ortiz]. You think I'm worried about [expletive] Tom Atencio? I don't need to do anything with him. I got in shape and trained to box Tito. I'd want to kick my [expletive] too, I've destroyed all his dreams and hopes."

White also crushed referee Steve Mazzagatti (41:02). He was asked about Big John McCarthy and his absence from officiating UFC fights. White said he has zero control over officials; if he did Mazzagatti would never ref in the UFC again.

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