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When two dudes nicknamed "The Irish Hand Grenade" and "The Outlaw" see each other on the street you expect a throwdown. Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy weren't on the streets of Cologne, Germany when they crossed paths. It may have been worse, the confined space of an elevator at the fighter hotel. It'd be great to tell a story like Mitch "Blood" Green and Mike Tyson but no luck says Davis:

"He saw me. I think he might have thought I was going to take another elevator," Davis told Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press. "I didn't. I got in the elevator right next to him, started laughing. It was funny, when we got to the designated floor, I looked at him in the face and said 'Go for it. Go ahead, walk out.' Then he looked at me and he was like 'No you go.' So I walked out first."

He seems to suggest that Hardy is a phony:

"Because of the type of person he is, he's not going to say anything if there isn't a whole bunch of people to hear it."

Hardy has fanned the flames in the pre-fight calling Davis, an Irish-American, a fake Irishman and the plastic paddy. The welterweights meet on Saturday at UFC 99.

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