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The life of a police officer isn't easy and it's certainly no picnic in Chicago. Yet Mike Russow has found a way to thrive as a cop while doubling as an MMA fighter. At UFC 102, he's hoping to make the leap to the next level after taking an interesting trek to get here. 

Russow (11-1), has been on the force for six and a half years and actually took his first MMA fight back in 1998. It was a win over someone named Nate Schroeder at the JKD Challenge at Madonna High School in Chicago. There was a familiar face on that card, UFC legend Matt Hughes. So how did Hughes rise to international stardom and Russow sort of faded into obscurity since they debuted on the same card? A lot of it was by choice. MMA wasn't a stable way to make a living back 1998 and Russow chose to pursue his career in law enforcement. Russow needed the full-time salary and insurance so fighting took a backseat until now:

"I think I still have another five or six years in this," said Russow, who knew Hughes from wrestling at Eastern Illinois where Hughes was an assistant coach. "I don't take a lot of hits, hopefully. This is a great opportunity to be fighting in the UFC. I just want to go out there and have a good fight, take care of business."

He picked up his fighting career again in 2006, including a fight in Vegas at Pride 33 (his only loss to Sergei Kharitonov). He looks to have a pretty solid wrestling and submission game with seven wins by submission in his last nine fights.

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