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As we get deeper into this season of the Ultimate Fighter, two things have become clear: Junie Browning is a drunk idiot, and I need a flat-screen television. Read on to find out more.

The night starts with the guys watch UFC 84: B.J. Penn vs. Sean Sherk. Shockingly enough, Junie Browning and Shane Nelson start drinking. Junie says that the house turns you into an alcoholic. Yes, it's the house's fault. Junie throws a glass at Kyle and cuts his arm. Instead of calming down, which would be logical, he tries to start a fight with Kyle. Shane's drunk self follows suit and goes after Roli Delgado and Efrain Escudero. Efrain quickly became my favorite fighter by just smiling at Shane when he pushed him

Then, the yearly tradition of trashing the gorgeous, tricked-out house began with throwing various items in the pool. Of course, this year, the guys are going to have to pay for the damage to the house, but that doesn't seem to deter Junie. Krzystof escalates things by putting Junie's clothes in the pool. Junie went crazy and Ryan Bader then throws the clothes back into the pool. Junie then tries to pull Bader in the pool, making me a little worried that we might see the first TUF drowning. Never fear, both were pulled out of the water safely. As all of the events are going on, the confessional video of a sober Junie is saying: "Uh, it's the alcohol. This isn't me. I do have a real bad temper, though." Yes, threatening to crack everyone over the head with a beer bottle would qualify as a bad temper. All of this leads to Junie crying and heading to bed. Now, the fighters await the inevitable visit from Dana White.

In the shock of the season, Dana lets Junie and Shane stay. Lobstah is not amused. Dana does not know why he is giving them a second chance, but we shall see if this keeps those drunken idiots in check. At the training center, Nog announces that Efrain Escudero will fight Shane.

In breaking down the fight, it seems that Efrain will have the edge if the fight goes to the ground, but Shane will benefit from stand-up. We have a very quick viewing of Stankie before Nog is shown again, working with Efrain. Nog seems to really enjoy working with the fighters. 

Once the fight begins, they spend the majority of the first period in stand-up, trading kicks and blows. Efrain finally works a takedown, and lands many punches with top control. Because of the final flurry, I'd say that the first round goes to Efrain. 

To begin the second round, Shane tries to take down and kick Efrain, but he is not successful. Efrain takes down Shane, and though Shane grabs the cage many times, he is only given a warning by Steve Mazzagatti. After some brief stand up, Efrain wrestles Shane and worked ground and pound. Near the end of the second period, Efrain rolled Shane into a triangle choke, and Shane taps. After the win, Junie inexplicably starts yelling that Efrain is too boring and then jumps into the cage to go after Efrain. That's so smart. We find out what happens in the next episode of the Ultimate Fighter. 

Teaching Bad Habits Award: Frank Mir, who has passed on the habit of pronouncing the 'l' in guillotine. It's a French word, boys. Don't pronounce the 'l'. 

Josh Koscheck Award (Excellence in instigating problems with the crazy, drunk guy): We have a tie between Krzystof Sozynski and Ryan Bader, who liked putting Junie's clothes into the pool.

Surprise of the night: Junie ate sushi. I would not have expected him to like sushi. 

Oops, My Bad Award: Who else but Junie Browning, who acts like the biggest idiot in the show's history and then blames alcohol, as if someone forced him to drink wine and tequila.

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