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Tim Kennedy, an alumnus of the Army's special forces, showed grace under fire with a second-round win over Zak Cummings at Strikeforce: Challengers on Friday in Oklahoma. Kennedy, an exciting middleweight prospect for Strikeforce, immediately said thanks to the soldiers watching on Armed Forces network after the fight. Asked if he was ready for a shot at the Strikeforce middleweight belt, Kennedy said that he still has a lot of work to do before he wants to fight for that.

In a style that was called blanket-like by announcer Mauro Renallo, Kennedy smothered Cummings throughout the entire first round. He methodically landed punches throughout the round, showing off both wrestling and striking abilities.

Cummings withstood the bevy of punches, but started the second round with a very beat-up face. Halfway through the round, Kennedy sprawled out of a Cummings takedown attempt, and grabbed Cummings neck. Kennedy turned that into a textbook North-South choke, forcing Cummings to tap out at 2:43. 

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