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It was so easy for Din Thomas that he decided he was ready for a quick turnaround. Thomas, a veteran of nine UFC fights, destroyed Gabe Lemley with a combo of punches and a brutal right knee. The fight was stopped at 3:14 of the first round at "March Badness" in Pensacola, Florida. Thomas then called out Chris Brown, the 20-year-old R & B singer:

"I have to address the Chris Brown-Rihanna situation. It's not cool to put your hands on a woman. If you need someone to kick his ass ... holla," said Thomas as the crowd roared with approval.

Thomas (24-8, 5-4 UFC) looked confident from the get-go against Lemley. He stalked him, holding his left hand very low suggesting that he felt no threat at all coming from Lemley. He was able to finish the fight when he caught Lemley on the ropes with a five-punch combo and then drilled him with a big knee. Lemley fell face down and covered up immediately.

Thomas is the second person from the world of fighting to call out Brown. Kickboxer Anthony Geisler did it last month.

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