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As MMA fighters spread the word around the world, there still remains an odd fascination with the uninitiated. The rear-naked choke is a potentially lethal move and yet radio and television goofs always ask fighters to slap on the hold. The latest was Duke Castiglione at FOX 5 New York. Jon Jones, facing Mauricio Rua in nearby Newark, N.J. at UFC 128, was in studio for an interview and actually volunteered to show Castiglione the finishing move. (4:00 mark). The FOX 5 anchors really seemed to enjoy watching Castiglione get roughed up

Matt Hughes should talk to every young fighter on the brink of stardom. We're guessing after his run-in with the guy above, Hughes would advise all fighters to refrain from "joking" around with a choke hold before UFC 64. The dopey fan actually sued Hughes.

UFC Fighter Jon 'Bones' Jones:

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