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Who came off as the bigger clown tonight on CBS' EliteXC 'Heat' show, Kimbo Slice or announcer Gus Johnson? That headline was the cry from Johnson just after Seth Petruzelli pulled the slight upset over the amateurish Slice in front of 7,400 at the Bank Atlantic Center.

When Ken Shamrock was scratched, Vegas sports books dropped the betting odds nearly in half (Slice -450 to -270), giving Petruzelli a real shot at winning the fight. One sportsbook insider told Yahoo! Sports that the odds would've been closer to -200 if it weren't for all the public hype around Kimbo. Some off-shore sportsbooks were dumb enough to offer +550 on Petruzelli.

It took one short right and just 14 seconds to put an end to the MMA fallacy that was Kimbo Slice. And possibly an end to EliteXC's run on CBS. Referee Troy Waugh mounted a confused Kimbo, unofficially handing him his second loss, as the dazed Slice tried to wrestler with the ref thinking he was still fighting.

What will happen now? How do you market Kimbo? The 235 lb. Slice just lost to a light heavyweight (205 lbs.) in Petruzelli, who probably isn't among the top 50 in his weight class world-wide.

Photo via Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

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