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Shane Victorino is sky high for the UFC's debut in the city of Brotherly Love. He's a huge MMA fan and three Hawaiians are featured at UFC 101 in Philadelphia. But he's going to need some help from Jamie Moyer to make it over to the Wachovia Center in time on Saturday. Moyer is traditionally a quick worker. Florida is in town at Citizens Bank Ballpark and the game starts 7:05 p.m. ET. A fast game may allow Victorino to run across the street and catch most of the pay-per-view which kicks off at 10 p.m.

Victorino has been to several fights and says they the atmosphere even beats playing in a World Series:

“I don’t think you’ll ever experience something like that,” Victorino said. “Playing in the World Series of course you have the crowd, but when these two gladiators embrace each other and say, ‘Let’s get it on,’ I want to jump off my seat.”

Victorino's ties to the UFC go all the way back to 1993 that's when his fiance Melissa Smith was an assistant for Lorenzo Fertitta. Victorino says UFC ownership has its heart in the right place:

"Sometimes I hear people say that they’re in it for the money, but I see these guys up at 3 a.m. working out. They have a love for the sport. These guys are already wealthy. They love the sport and want to see it taken to the next level."

Victorino, a Las Vegas resident, made the All-Star team this year and even got the support of UFC president Dana White via Twitter. 

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