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That was it? All the trash talking, ripping on Gina Carano and the fallacy about some huge contract. The unheralded force of women's fight game, Tara LaRosa showed up at Moosin last night and didn't quite live up to the internet legend penned over the last few years. Hopefully, bettors made some money off of the hack off-shore sites that made LaRosa a minus-700 favorite against Roxanne Modafferi.

Everyone has a bad night but based on LaRosa's performance against Modafferi at Moosin, she wouldn't stand much of a shot against the Strikeforce's female fighting building blocks (Sarah Kaufman, Gina Carano, Cyborg Santos, Marloes Coenen). Keep in mind this was the same Modafferi, who lasted 65 seconds with Marloes Coenen.

So how did anyone buy the story that the "record fight deal" with the now defunct AFL was legitimate or justified?

Go back and read the blather coming from everyone involved in the LaRosa/AFL story back in 2008, it has to make you laugh. 

"I stand to make between 500,000 and 750,000 (dollars) depending on my performance and how I do with all of my fights," LaRosa, now the sport's highest-paid female fighter, told MMAJunkie.

To be the highest paid, you actually have to cash a check. The AFL never made a fight for LaRosa. It looks like the folks at the AFL simply played LaRosa and MMA fans to live out their big-time promoter, Dana White fantasies. 

"It's really incredible," LaRosa said. "I never ever expected to reach this level in MMA. I came in with the dream of just fighting in Japan. Now, I can make a living and actually put money away for the future. It's very rewarding. It's great to know that it's not all for nothing."

Poor Tara. She was even fooled into thinking that she was some sort of trail-blazer.

"There's some controversy over whether or not we should have announced what I was making for the contract," LaRosa said. "But it forces other promotions that want to lowball (female fighters) to pay more. People are going to start demanding more. And it's what they should do, women and men. Nobody should be going out there and getting paid $100 to get kicked in the head and [get] concussions, cut open, stuff like that. It's not right. We're far past that, and now that we're mainstream, I do believe there's enough backing financially in the sport that fighters should be getting paid a lot better."

She was wrong. Sadly, last night's fight was more proof that women are fighting an impossible battle. Unless there are thousands of women around the country who are underpromoted and possess male-like fighting skill and speed, this thing has no shot. That's pretty clear.

But before you shed a tear for the 31-year-old from South Jersey remember she was the one who on several occasions also criticized Gina Carano's lack of experience (2:06 mark) and the attention she was getting.

LaRosa is barely a 135-pounder so she had no business commenting on a 145-pounder and from a business standpoint do we all now see why Carano was pushed instead of others?

My favorite part of the AFL sham was their CEO B.J. Santiago suggesting Carano didn't deserve a LaRosa fight.

"Everyone talks about Gina Carano and Tara LaRosa. When Gina gets a little bit more under her belt, and gets a little bit more experience and wanted to ever have that kind of fight, then we would be open to something like that," said Santiago."

This would be like Antonio Silva's people saying they'll pass on a Brock Lesnar fight. 

MDS from Fanhouse called last night's battle a great one. He's also the same guy who says no one wants to see Kimbo Slice fight again. Is he right? Because I'll watch 25 more Kimbo fights before I'm dying to see another LaRosa fight. Judge for yourself.

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