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In the day-to-day grind of the MMA world, we often get caught up in the stories. Who is the best pound-for-pound fighter? Which is the best promotion? What was Dana White thinking? This Thanksgiving, the Yahoo! Sports MMA team takes a moment and reflects on what we love about covering the sport.

Dave Meltzer

I'm thankful that during a year where there have been more fights than ever, that there have remained so few serious injuries

I'm thankful that I never had to eat dinner after seeing an episode of The Ultimate Fighter season eight

I'm thankful I got to see the first UFC show in Montreal and for the incredible job Georges St. Pierre did in the fight, and the less heralded great job Matt Serra did in promoting the fight

I'm thankful I got to see MMA from the start, because I can appreciate how far it has really come

I'm thankful for all the incredible entertainment from people who were so sure Brock Lesnar was going to be a failure in MMA despite his obvious athletic ability, simply because he was once an entertainer. Did UFC lose credibility when Rich Franklin won a championship because his previous job was as a math teacher

I'm thankful for having such a great job and covering a business that has so many people who show the value of dedication in training

I'm thankful MMA did well when it came to ratings on network television, as that was a major hurdle, even if the future at this point remains uncertain

Kevin Iole 

I'm thankful that MMA fighters are the most interesting, down-to-earth people in sports, because they make life so easy for a journalist.

I'm thankful that the fighters have such great respect for their sport and for each other that they are constantly searching for the toughest competition.

I'm thankful to have what I consider the greatest job in the world watching some of the best athletes in the world.

Maggie Hendricks

I'm thankful that MMA entered my life through my other favorite sport, amateur wrestling.

I'm thankful that when I tell people I write about and follow MMA, they know what I am talking about. That wasn't true a year ago.

I'm thankful that Stankie is on the Ultimate Fighter. We would be lost without him.

I'm thankful that there are fighters are not media-trained automatons, but real people who are accessible and fun to write about.

I'm thankful for Tracy Lee for the excellent work she does at Combat Lifestyle. She makes all of our lives easier.

I'm thankful that Yahoo! Sports has given me the opportunity to write about the best sport with the best athletes.

Most of all, I am thankful that we have readers who stop by and join in our community of MMA fans. Enjoy your feast tomorrow -- like Clay Guida is doing. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, everyone.

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