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Noah Thomas gained some infamy during The Ultimate Fighter 5. He got into a nasty fight at the TUF house and was eventually told to go home. He was a late replacement at WEC 41 for Eddie Wineland. For Thomas, who may have gotten a shot at the TUF 5 Finale, this was a delayed shot at the big time. But even after seven straight wins outside the Zuffa organization, Thomas wasn't ready for this level. Frank Gomez controlled the fight from full guard, smashing Thomas with elbows. He eventually secured an arm-triangle choke in the second round to finish the fight at 3:12 of the round.

"I really wanted redeem myself. I didn't feel like I performed at my best. This time I was ready," said Gomez, who lost his first WEC fight against Scott Jorgensen. "I realized how much I hate losing. I didn't want to lose again."

Thomas worked a single leg for the first two minutes of the first round. Gomez eventually pushed forward to score a takedown. Thomas only got off the deck when the first round ended. In those two minutes, he got crushed repeatedly by elbows, hammerfists and punches. Gomez opened a huge gash on Thomas' forehead and another under his left eye. Thomas fought at 155 pounds on the reality show but he still looked like the smaller fighter here down at 135.


Antonio Banuelos and Scott Jorgensen just engaged in a three-round slugfest complete with several awesome scrambles on the ground. Jorgensen left the ring with bruises under both eyes while Banuelos had a severe gash under his left eye. Banuelos took a disputed split decision (29-28 on two cards, 28-29 on the other) in a bantamweight fight.

It was a rough fight to score. Banuelos was the faster, more effective fighter in the opening round. He consistently landed three and four punch combinations while Jogensen appeared to be a second behind the action. The second round was dead even with Jorgensen scoring the biggest shots later in the round with a punch-knee combo that rocked Banuelos. Jorgensen (6-3, 2-2 WEC) closed the fight strong with the more accurate and heavier shots on the feet. His knees from a thai clinch moved Banuelos on several occasions. He also got to a dominant position on the ground in the final 80 seconds. Banuelos (16-5, 6-4 WEC) scrambled but couldn't avoid some nasty elbows.

The jubilant crowd went nuts upon completion of the fight and then booed Banuelos as he tried to speak with WEC announcer Craig Hummer. It'll be tough to top this one for the Fight of the Night bonus. With a big crowd and solid gate, the awards could be good for anywhere from $25,000-$35,000 $10,000 per fighter.

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