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The UFC is rolling out extra web programming around The Ultimate Fighter 10. In a 15-minute piece, host Amir Sadollah speaks with Team Rampage coach Tiki Ghosn and fighters Jon Madsen and Abe Wagner. It's kind of surprising to hear Tiki talk about how rudimentary Kimbo Slice's skills are. What exactly did Bas Rutten and Randy Khatami do when they worked with Kimbo? Or did he just not work on anything but striking? Tiki says Kimbo's lack of skills were surprising:

"He can punch, we all know he can punch but he doesn’t know anything about MMA. He didn’t know how to sprawl. He didn’t know how to get out of a takedown"

The video also shows footage of Kimbo get pushed around the cage like a tackling sled by Matt Mitrione. Tiki does say that Kimbo got better:

"I think as the season goes along you guys will see some pretty impressive things out of this guy."

Madsen liked Kimbo and admired the guy's desire to get better:

"He obviously knew my wrestling was a lot better," said Madsen, a Division II National Wrestling Champion in 2001. "He approached me and said can you show me stuff?' I was real impressed with his humility. He knows he needs to work on his ground game."

Which brings us back to the point, what did Kimbo do during training with Rutten and Khatami?

It's also interesting to hear Tiki talk about why Rampage made Kimbo his first pick. It doesn't seem like Jackson had winning as his No. 1 goal.

Watch here for The Aftermath.

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