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On "The Ultimate Fighter," which was taped back in June, Kimbo Slice is no longer coming off as the brash guy from the YouTube videos that made him famous. He looks like he's been a humbled a bit by his lack of ground skills in practice and his loss to Roy Nelson. A few month later, speaking with Spike's Mike Chiappetta, Kimbo says he will beat Nelson if he gets another fight with him. The former International Fight League champ was the only guy left on Rashad Evans' team that would've beat him:

"When he picked me to fight Roy, I felt like, okay, anyone of his other guys, he knows I probably would've beaten them hands down. They probably wouldn't be able to hang with me. Hands down Kimbo would probably mop everybody else."

Kimbo said he fell victim to a poor approach against the more experienced Nelson:

"I fought Roy with caution. I did go for the kill one time but I knew to be careful because Roy will bait you. Roy is a smart fighter. When I thought I rocked him, I went in a for the kill. That's when I realized this [expletive] is slick."

Listen below to Kimbo on (NSFW):

Kimbo said he is capable on the ground but he's not good at handling the crucifix submission. He reminded the audience that James Thompson did the same thing to him. Kimbo also discussed the much debated topic of Quinton Jackson's coaching abilities and confirms that he is training with American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla.

Listen here for the entire Kimbo conversation.

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