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Between Anderson Silva acting the fool for much of the fight and a fluke leg injury to Patrick Cote, the UFC 90 main event was a disaster. The UFC middleweight champ Silva won by 'TKO' when Cote (13-5, 4-4 UFC) could no longer continue with an injured right knee in the third round.

But the story of the night was Silva (23-4, 8-0 UFC) turning off the crowd by clowning around for the first 10 minutes. Between dancing around the cage, twirling his hands, bowing disrespectfully towards Cote at the end of the first and at one point offering a hand to help Cote off the floor, Silva came off as a big jerk. He went from displaying a Muhammed Ali-like playful aura early in the fight to looking like he was sticking it to the UFC for matching him up against such a longshot.

It was particularly embarrassing in the cage during the post-fight interview with UFC color man Joe Rogan, who said on three different occasions that it was, "a very entertaining fight."  The booing fans weren't buying it.   

Did Silva put on a pleasing show for the fans with his slickness or did he resemble something closer to an NFL wide receiver? It's especially insulting to those who bought tickets in Chicago or shelled out bucks for the pay-per-view. The show hadn't exactly delivered a night of fireworks prior to the main event.

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