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B.J. Penn dropped a bombshell in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole. A baseless, unsubstantiated bombshell, but nonetheless, a bombshell.

“It’s just my opinion that (Georges St. Pierre) uses steroids,” Penn said. “That’s it. My opinion. I do believe it. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion.”

It's amazing what people think it's OK to say when they couch it in, "It's just my opinion." Clearly, this has been on Penn's mind, as just last week he recorded this PSA-like video and posted it on his Web site,

The fact that Penn is still so focused on GSP can only be good news for his opponent this Saturday at UFC 101, Kenny Florian. Penn claims that he is ready for Florian, "really ready," but who can believe anything he says after he drops baseless allegations on a former opponent? 

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