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Jake Shields tries but it's just not part of his nature. He's ranked in the top five by many people at welterweight. He's also Strikeforce's middleweight champ but it feels like he's No. 6 amongst the three big fights tomorrow night on CBS. Dan Henderson has been featured in most of the CBS promos while Muhammed Lawal, Gegard Mousasi, Shinya Aoki and Gilbert Melendez are getting much of the overall media attention. He's just not comfortable with the self-promotion stuff.

Even when he and Henderson tried to engage in a little prefight trash talk, it fell flat. Hendo started things this week on Twitter posting a photo @danhendo to indicate where Shields would be once he belted him. Shields fired back saying should be careful he may wind like his buddy Randy Couture pictured @jakeshieldsajj with a broken arm. 

Ho-hum, right? Neither guy is "King Mo" or Dan Hardy and Shields is fine with that.

"That's not really my style to make up a bunch of crap and talk a bunch of smack," Shields told Cagewriter. "So I'll do a little talking here and there, a few little jabs. But it's not my nature and I'll come across more like an idiot." 

Shields battles Henderson in Nashville. 

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