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After Diego Sanchez took a controversial decision from Martin Kampmann at UFC on Versus 3, Kampmann discussed why he thought that he won and the lure of a rematch.

"I would love to rematch Diego," Kampmann answered when asked about another opportunity to face Sanchez. "I feel I won the first time but I would love to fight him again. If I was him I wouldn't want the rematch either because imagine how his face would look after the second fight. I would love to beat him up one more time and hopefully not leave it up to the judges this time."

With a decision that close, an instant rematch wouldn't be unprecedented. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was awarded a rematch with Lyoto Machida after Shogun lost their first title bout, and the same courtesy was awarded to B.J. Penn after he lost a close bout to Frankie Edgar.

But Sanchez is having none of that. On Twitter, he made it quite clear that Kampmann has no business getting a rematch.

"You really want a direct rematch? I trained no boxing! zero! I just wrestled my [expletive] off. I underestimated your [takedown] defense and had to resort to my streetfighting loco skills and almost dropped you I seen your legs. I was not in my best shape ... like @danawhite said that was the softest he ever seen me. That's 2 L's in a row you need a win real bad."

Then, after saying all that, he adds, "If I can't get a better fight that a win would move me up the ladder, I would love to fight you again! #Realtalk."

Oh, Diego, you crazy, crazy man. Your lunacy is what endears you to fans, even when you're spouting off complete nonsense. Did you see your face after the fight? Are you absolutely positive, without a shadow of a doubt that you won? And pulling out the "I was not in my best shape" defense is a little ridiculous, considering that you won.

Instead of Twitter-fights, you two should really just settle this in the cage. Oh wait, that would still be a rematch.

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