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The guy does a great job analyzing the fights on UFC telecasts but sometimes Joe Rogan's blog rants miss the mark. He was a pretty big star before the UFC gig blew up so I could guess you could say he doesn't need it. That said, it's clear he enjoys being part of the fight game and its community. The driving force in that community is a rabid, passionate fan base. Gary Shaw once told Cagewriter that boxing will never match MMA when it comes to the culture the fans have developed. Through merchandising, supplies and gym sponsorship, most fighters are now making a healthy living. It's all good, right? Rogan says no, suggesting the majority of male MMA fans who buy these products are tools:

"These days everyone’s phone has a camera, and everyone wants a picture of them holding their fist up standing next to Randy Couture on their facebook page. That is easily one of the weirdest and goofiest things about MMA fans; the fist-up pose with the fighter. I can’t think of another sport that has a pose that the fans take when they get pictures with the athletes where they mimic the activity they enjoy watching. It’s not just a few guys striking this dopey pose, either. It’s the majority. I can completely understand if you’re a fighter yourself, and you want an image of camaraderie with one of your sporting idols, but if you’re an overweight short order cook who’s never even taken a tae bo class, do the world a favor and keep your [expletive] fist un-balled when you’re standing next to Anderson Silva."

Rogan goes on to slam the fans who buy the fight wear t-shirts, which by the way often feature their favorite fighters.

Another unintentionally hilarious aspect of the MMA culture is the abundance of retarded macho “fight wear” T-shirts. The enormous financial success of enterprising clothing companies like “Tapout” have given birth to a rise of ham-handed imitators where each one tries to out retard the next. Images of chained up pitbulls and skulls are the norm with shiny foil letters to make sure you can clearly read the “Break my [expletive] off in your [expletive] – fight wear” label. At the last UFC in New Jersey I actually saw a guy in the audience with a shirt that said, 'Some guys are strikers, some guys are grapplers… I’M BOTH!'"

Rogan is now getting a kick out of some negative feedback he's gotten from fans.

I wonder what the NFL would say if one their employees made such a sweeping dig at its fans. Would it be cool with Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones if Cowboy radio color voice Babe Laufenberg said the 50,000 fans wearing Cowboys jerseys at Sunday's stadium opener were non-athlete clowns?

UPDATE: This seems similar to the story about NFL linebacker Robert Henson. Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins weren't very happy when the rookie ripped on fans.

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