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Quinton Jackson has made the transformation from one-dimensional power wrestler dude back in his Japan days to a well-rounded fighter who can now strike and box at a high level. But there are some like UFC color analyst Joe Rogan who think he's fallen in love with the straight boxing. Cage Writer and Ariel Helwani sat down with Jackson in Columbus during our postfight show right after UFC 96 and told him about Rogan's criticism:

"You telling me that Joe Rogan is criticizing me telling me that I'm just boxing, who cares, it's MMA. I can do whatever I want to do," said a heated Jackson. "It's my fight, right? It's my fight style. I can come out doing kung-fu if I wanted to."

Jackson said Rogan isn't objective when judging a fight because his background is in groundwork.

"Joe Rogan's a jiu-jitsu guy. I noticed he's kind of biased toward jiu-jitsu guys. You can ask most fans what they want to see. They want to see people out there rolling around the ground or do they want to see people out there slugging it out?"

Listen to Jackson talk about Rogan and haters (2:26 mark):

Rampage also talked about overtraining for this fight and the quick turnaround he faces before his next scheduled fight. He did say that he has to have some injuries checked out before he's 100-percent committed to fighting Rashad Evans on May 23 at UFC 98.

Jackson continued his "assault" on the media. On Wednesday, Cage Writer got a punch in the groin (video at 1:10 mark) for a question Rampage didn't like. He closed this interview by getting into it with Helwani (8:20 mark). Jackson called out Ariel on the masculinity of his name.

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