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Quinton Jackson looked pained each time that he spoke about the change of plans from the UFC. He was slated to fight in July at UFC 100 now it looks 98% sure that he's going to make a quick turnaround to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 98 in May. It's all because Frank Mir had to get knee surgery and cancel his fight against Brock Lesnar. We found at the end of this morning's UFC 96 postfight press conference Rampage had big plans:

"Y'all don't even know. I got a bunch of Asian girls waiting for me. Damn! I was going to see which one I was going to take with me on a little getaway. Fly first class, talk about how I'm going to be UFC champion again. Get a private hut somewhere. All that just shattered cause somebody got their damn knee scoped."

Jackson tells a funny pathetic story at the very end that someone stole a jacket from his lockerroom. He didn't care about the jacket but asked whoever stole it to return the phone that was in the pocket. UFC 90 marked the silliiest heist ever at one of these events when some jackass stole the microphones and the UFC mike flags right out of the press room at All State Arena.

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