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He's far from the featured fight at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale but it's clear who Las Vegas and the media feel is the biggest fighter on the card tomorrow night. The much slimmer looking Kimbo Slice. The man himself graced UFC's open workouts with his presence, complete with his entourage on Thursday. You would've thought Kimbo was a Hollywood star with the 5-minute discussion/negotiation that went on about whether he was going to shadow box a little and speak to the media. Kimbo's management even complained when UFC PR "slipped in" a five-minute phone interview saying it "wasn't part of the deal."

I guess you can't blame him. Even with zero UFC wins, he's the guy on The Palms marquee.

This could be a problem come Saturday night. Kimbo may have trained with American Top Team getting ready for the fight but it's clear his posse has a big effect on his demeanor. And that can't be good. That's not immersing yourself into the fight world. We got a clear picture of that when the much thinner Kimbo did eventually speak for  four minutes with the media.

"I'm there," Slice told the media gathered at the TUF 10 Finale workouts. "It's just maintaining. Just trying to maintain [my weight] there is hell. If I drink a glass of water, I'm back at 230 (pounds). It's really a mental (struggle)."
Kimbo took zero assistance:

"I haven't really asked no one. I changed my whole eating habits and cut back on my own."

Huh? Where are the trainers and experts from American Top Team? Weight cutting is a science and still being tweaked and perfected. Kimbo did it on his own? And what did he really need to do? He fights normally at 230 pounds. This fight is at 215. Most fighters would show up the week of the fight at 225 and cut seven-to-eight pounds the day of the weigh-in. Why is Kimbo making this so difficult? He just needed to cut some water weight for this afternoon's trip to the scales: 

"I don't know about water-cutting. I don't even know what you're talking about."

Good luck to Kimbo. This is the first sign of bad things to come since he's been away from the real fighting environment of the house. Off-shore sportsbooks have installed his opponent Houston Alexander as a minus-260 favorite. In Las Vegas, the Venetian Sports Book has Alexander a lot lower at minus-170.  

Quotes courtesy MMAJunkie and Adam Hill, Las Vegas-Review Journal

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