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Finally! A city with some media that gets it. Traveling to cover all these MMA events we've seen one common theme, media ignorance. Local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations have consistently failed to take advantage what's right under the noses. An MMA event in town is a potential cash cow. Even Las Vegas Review-Journal, UFC's hometown paper only really jumped on board for UFC 100. Imagine if the folks at the LVRJ knew there would 10,000-12,000 fans strolling through the UFC Fan Expo each day?

In cities like Sacramento, Minneapolis, Columbus, Atlanta, Nashville and Chicago, getting coverage beyond anything on page six of the sports section was tough. So how did MMA go from that kind of coverage to a special eight-page pullout today and 29 stories/entries at (home of the Philly Daily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer) revolving around UFC 101?

Money. Plain and simply money. An eight-page pullout is only created by selling advertising. The Philly papers got it and the other newspapers around the country have never done so. Great writers are being axed around the country. One has to wonder when publishers are going to ask sports editors and sales staffs, 'if Philadelphia's newspapers are bringing in big cash for this sport, why aren't we?' Long time Philly boxing writer Bernard Fernandez clearly got through to his bosses.

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