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So much for drama and secrets, B.J. Penn spilled the beans with Fighters Club TV. He talks about moving up to 170 in his next fight. This is contingent on the Georges St. Pierre-Jon Fitch winner at UFC 87 in August coming out of the fight healthy. The Penn v. GSP/Fitch fight would be the main event at UFC's annual close to the year card on December 27th in Las Vegas.

It sort of ruins the pitch that the Roger Huerta-Kenny Florian winner, also on the UFC 87 card, was getting the next title shot against Penn at 155 pounds. Technically, I guess they can still make that fight sometime in 2009.

If YOUR an MMA fan in Hawaii, Fighters Club TV does a radio fight show on Mondays from 9-10a on AM 1500 The Team. Mark Kurano hosts the show. The bad news is you will miss that vital first hour of the taped Dan Patrick Show on Mondays in Hawaii.

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