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Wow! That was an ass kicking. Maybe Pete Sell can thank referee Rick Fike for the beating he took over 90 seconds from Matt Brown. Fike blew it earlier in the evening during the Shane Nelson-Aaron Riley fight when he called a quick stoppage. Fellow ref Yves Lavigne was seen shaking his head at the premature ending. Apparently, it stuck in his memory as Brown and Sell entered the cage.

Brown landed two head kicks, one with each leg that rocked Sell and followed it with a left-right combo of punches that floored Sell. The New Yorker looked finished at that moment. Lavigne motioned like he was going to stop the fight, Brown backed off and was shocked when it wasn't called. He then threw the kitchen sink - knees, kicks, uppercuts, jab, crosses, hooks and straight punches - at Sell. Brown looked at Lavigne and threw his hands up to say "stop the fight". Sell was so out on his feet that Brown simply pushed him backwards and he fell to his back. Sell looked up and smiled before Brown had to deliver two more punches right to his grinning grill. Lavigne finally stopped it at 1:32 of the first round.

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