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Strikeforce rolled out its fighters for a press conference on Wednesday. Nick Diaz was typical Nick Diaz. He gave the finger to Frank Shamrock which made for a great photo op. Shamrock responded by saying Diaz is bad for the sport and said that he wouldn't want his daughter to watch him fight. Five Ounces of Pain spoke with Diaz who didn't appreciate the "bad for the sport" line (4:31 mark):

"We fight in a cage (expletive). There's no such thing as bad for the sport nowadays. It's not my part to worry about what's good and bad for the sport. I'm just trying to keep my teeth in my mouth."

Diaz and his brother Nate are constantly referred to as punks and thugs:

"Don't try to (expletive) single me out and say that I'm bad for the sport cause I have no class, none of you have any class. This is not the place to have class."

Is Diaz on to something? The sport would be boring at times without trash-talkers. Such a big deal is made about fighters who celebrate excessively, who cares?

"People act like this is a tennis match and act like this isn't warfare," said Diaz. "It's already out there. This is making way too much money (to turn back now). It's like the plague. It's like a disease. Anything that makes money right now, you can't get rid of it."

Diaz is a loony guy. He does smoke weed to control his Attention Deficit Disorder. You can see he's probably in need of a drag or two, he can't sit still. He appears to have gum on his shoe early in the interview.

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