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At the Strikeforce press conference, Nick Diaz spoke about Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos, the man who will try to take away his Strikeforce welterweight championship belt on Saturday. Diaz, the man who perfected the finger-in-your-face staredown, spoke with respect.

"I feel good and I’m ready to fight. Cyborg has a unique style and I know that he will give it his all and be as crazy as ever. But that’s good because I’m crazy, too," Diaz said. I have great respect for Cyborg. He is strong and has skills and comes real hard. I feel he deserves a shot."

Cyborg returned the respect.

“Nick Diaz is a very gallant fighter but I will press the action whether we are standing or on the ground," Cyborg said.

Gallant! I can think of no better word to describe Diaz.

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