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Roy Nelson can dish it out with the best of them but unlike some of the guys in MMA, he also takes it back. Nelson poked fun at himself before his fight against Brendan Schaub on Saturday by entering the arena to "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Fat." He was blasted on the internet and courted a lot of the negative emails. He even joined Facebook's "We hate Roy Nelson" page (jumped from 400 to 675 members this weekend). He shoved in the faces of most of his critics by blasting out Schaub but Nelson's knows the nastiness thrown his way won't all stop.

"I'm the official UFC suckmeter," Nelson told Cagewriter. "If you can't get past me,  you'll get that call from [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva saying you can't fight no more."

Nelson told Cagewriter he takes the good with bad. As long as people care one or the other, he's fine:

"It's just entertainment. It's style. Kimbo [Slice] has his style. I have my style. It's easier to shut critics up. You're not the ones stepping into the cage."

Nelson said like Gina Carano did for female fighters, he's pacing the way for all "the fat people who are in shape." Huh?  

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