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So much for Gegard Mousasi staying composed at all times and lacking personality. He might deliver his venom in soft tones but the hot shot middleweight and light heavyweight prospect responded strongly to Paulo Filho calling him out. Mousasi pointed to Filho's lousy, star-crossed career while fighting in the U.S. and told now that he's back in Japan, he's a kid in the candy store:

"I would say he's a little donkey who is on steroids, who thinks he's a running horse now. But he's more like a little pony, I would say."

"The Dreamcatcher" said he'll only fight Filho in the U.S. if he submits a test to a  commission. Mousasi, who is 26-2-1 at both 185 and 205 pounds, can talk trash about anyone he'd like although he may want to watch calling out other fighters for being on steroids without proof. It's also refreshing to see a guy who fights in both Japan and the U.S. state the obvious about the lack of testing for fighters in DREAM and K-1.

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