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The baddest man on the face of the earth may be from Brazil, but it may not be Anderson Silva. His stablemate Lyoto Machida joined the elite on this night at UFC 98

Machida turned in a scary knockout of UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans. It was a counterstriker's dream. Evans did a ton of faking trying to draw Machida forward to make the first mistake. But it wasn't the Brazilian who made the errors, Evans dropped his guard and got rocked by a huge left with 1:27 remaining in the second round.

Like a true killer, Machida exploded and pushed Evans back to the cage. He followed two big rights with a left that dropped Evans. The former champ went down so hard that his head snapped back violently and it appeared he could've done damage to his left knee. Evans was out cold with his head cocked to the side, pinned against the door to the cage. Referee Mario Yamasaki had no choice but to stop it at 3:57 of the second round.

Machida, the new UFC light heavyweight champ, remains unbeaten at 15-0. An excited Machida told the Las Vegas crowd to dream big and go hard after their goals. It was Evans first loss in 15 fights.

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