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If Josh Koscheck were 100 pounds heavier, there would be no need to fight Georges St-Pierre. He'd be banking seven figures a year and warring with Batista, John Cena and Triple H. He's that good.

From the first moments we were introduced to Koscheck on "The Ultimate Fighter" in 2005 and continuing through Sunday night, the guy just finds new ways to irritate people. Fighters, fans and even some media get worked up into a lather because of Koscheck's chops.

His trash talk was so effective down the stretch of his dominating ground win over Paul Daley that the Brit snapped and sucker-punched him after the fight. Dana White was so livid, there was no reflecting. That moment of rage cost Daley his gig with the promotion. 

"There was a lot of talk and a lot of disrespect on his behalf," Koscheck said while explaining to ESPN's MMA Live what happened with the sucker punch (13:30 mark). "Partly because I egged him on. I just tried to whisper the last minute in his ear. You're going to have to ask him what I said."

Rashad Evans tried to dig deeper.

"What was your instigating-self saying? What was you saying? Talkin' about his mama?"

"Maybe a little worse than that," said Koscheck. "It wasn't very polite. He was talking a lot before this fight. He was very arrogant and said a lot of nasty things before this fight and I just let him know that those things weren't welcome in this sport."

Koscheck said the chatter ran all 15 minutes. 

"I was talking to him the whole last minute of the fight. Even when he threw his first jab. I said, 'Wow! That was slow, Paul.'"

During that MMA Live spot, Koscheck didn't appear too upset when he was informed that Daley got booted. 

"Maybe I won twice," Koscheck said as the crew laughed. "I hope the best for Paul Daley. I don't dislike him. I dislike how he acted. I hope the UFC will give him another chance."

Even in the immediate seconds after the sucker punch, Koscheck never lost a trash-talking step as he grabbed the microphone from UFC analyst Joe Rogan in the Octagon in front 17,000-plus fans.

"Hey, don't worry! The Pittsburgh Penguins are gonna kick your ass next week. Yeah," said Koscheck. "And then I'm gonna beat (George) St-Pierre so you guys are gonna lose twice. How 'bout that? That's right Montreal!"

When asked if he rehearsed the speech before the fight, Koscheck said he had a plan ready to roll if the crowd gave him the Bronx cheer.

"I was thinking a little bit about that. If they booed me, you know I was going to get even with them," Koscheck said during the UFC 113 press conference.

"Koscheck is so good at being a [expletive], he doesn't have to practice. He needs no practice," said Dana White.

"I didn't know that the Penguins beat the Habs," said Koscheck. "I don't think I'm going to my afterparty now."

"You better go straight to the airport," said White.  

"That's if they let me on the plane," said Koscheck.

Koscheck added he doesn't want to face GSP in Montreal, he wants the fight in Pittsburgh. And to think all this fun started back on TUF 1 when Koscheck's ball busting sent Chris Leben over the edge. Leben put his hand through the glass on the house's front door and tore down another door.

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